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English noun: lesson

1. lesson (act) a unit of instruction

SamplesHe took driving lessons.

Broader (hypernym)instruction, pedagogy, teaching

Narrower (hyponym)dance lesson, golf lesson, language lesson, music lesson, tennis lesson

Part meronymclass, course, course of instruction, course of study

2. lesson (communication) punishment intended as a warning to others

SamplesThey decided to make an example of him.

Synonymsdeterrent example, example, object lesson

Broader (hypernym)admonition, monition, warning, word of advice

3. lesson (communication) the significance of a story or event

SamplesThe moral of the story is to love thy neighbor.


Broader (hypernym)import, meaning, significance, signification

4. lesson (act) a task assigned for individual study

SamplesHe did the lesson for today.

Broader (hypernym)school assignment, schoolwork

Narrower (hyponym)example, exercise, history lesson, reading assignment

Part meronymdidactics, education, educational activity, instruction, pedagogy, teaching

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