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English noun: suggestion

1. suggestion (cognition) an idea that is suggested

SamplesThe picnic was her suggestion.

Broader (hypernym)idea, thought

Narrower (hyponym)glimmer, glimmering, inkling, intimation, posthypnotic suggestion

2. suggestion (communication) a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection

SamplesIt was a suggestion we couldn't refuse.

Synonymsproffer, proposition

Broader (hypernym)proposal

Narrower (hyponym)advance, approach, breath, feeler, ghost, hint, intimation, overture, touch, trace

3. suggestion (quantity) a just detectable amount

SamplesHe speaks French with a trace of an accent.

Synonymshint, trace

Broader (hypernym)small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity

Narrower (hyponym)spark

4. suggestion (communication) persuasion formulated as a suggestion


Broader (hypernym)persuasion, suasion

5. suggestion (cognition) the sequential mental process in which one thought leads to another by association

Broader (hypernym)higher cognitive process

6. suggestion (act) the act of inducing hypnosis

Synonymshypnotism, mesmerism

Broader (hypernym)influence

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