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English noun: sensory system

1. sensory system (cognition) a particular sense

Synonymsmodality, sense modality

Broader (hypernym)sensation, sense, sensory faculty, sentience, sentiency

Narrower (hyponym)audition, auditory modality, auditory sense, gustation, gustatory modality, hearing, olfaction, olfactory modality, sense of hearing, sense of smell, sense of taste, sight, smell, somatosense, taste, vision, visual modality, visual sense

2. sensory system (body) the body's system of sense organs

Broader (hypernym)system

Narrower (hyponym)auditory system, vestibular apparatus, vestibular system, visual system

Part holonymfirst cranial nerve, nervii olfactorii, olfactory nerve, receptor, sense organ, sensory receptor

Part meronymbody, organic structure, physical structure

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