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English noun: division Chrysophyta

1. division Chrysophyta (animal) mostly freshwater eukaryotic algae having the chlorophyll masked by brown or yellow pigment; yellow-green and golden-brown algae and diatoms: Xanthophyceae, Chrysophyceae, Bacillariophyceae; some classification systems superseded or subsumed by Heterokontophyta


Broader (hypernym)division

Member holonymBacillariophyceae, Chrysophyceae, class Bacillariophyceae, class Chrysophyceae, class Diatomophyceae, class Heterokontae, class Xanthophyceae, Diatomophyceae, golden algae, Heterokontae, Heterotrichales, order Heterotrichales, Xanthophyceae, yellow-green algae

Member meronymkingdom Protoctista, Protoctista

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