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English noun: itinerary

1. itinerary (location) an established line of travel or access

Synonymspath, route

Broader (hypernym)line

Narrower (hyponym)air lane, airway, approach pattern, beat, beeline, bus route, celestial orbit, circuit, crosscut, data track, direction, electron orbit, fairway, feeder line, flight path, flight path, flyway, line of fire, line of flight, line of march, main line, migration route, orbit, orbit, paper round, paper route, pattern, round, skyway, supply line, supply route, track, trade route, traffic pattern, way

Instance hyponymNorthwest Passage

2. itinerary (communication) a guidebook for travelers

Synonymstravel guidebook

Broader (hypernym)guide, guidebook

Narrower (hyponym)baedeker

3. itinerary (cognition) a proposed route of travel

Synonymstravel plan

Broader (hypernym)plan of action

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