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English noun: illumination

1. illumination (state) a condition of spiritual awareness; divine illumination

SamplesFollow God's light.


Broader (hypernym)condition, status

2. illumination (state) the degree of visibility of your environment

Broader (hypernym)state

Narrower (hyponym)dark, darkness, light, lighting

3. illumination (communication) an interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding

SamplesThe professor's clarification helped her to understand the textbook.

Synonymsclarification, elucidation

Broader (hypernym)interpretation

Narrower (hyponym)disambiguation

4. illumination (attribute) the luminous flux incident on a unit area


Broader (hypernym)brightness, brightness level, light, luminance, luminosity, luminousness

5. illumination (artifact) painting or drawing included in a book (especially in illuminated medieval manuscripts)


Broader (hypernym)painting, picture

Domain categoryDark Ages, Middle Ages

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