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English noun: concealment

1. concealment (state) the condition of being concealed or hidden

Synonymsprivacy, privateness, secrecy

Broader (hypernym)isolation

Narrower (hyponym)bosom, confidentiality, covertness, hiddenness, hiding

2. concealment (artifact) a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something

SamplesA screen of trees afforded privacy.
Under cover of darkness.
The brush provided a covert for game.
The simplest concealment is to match perfectly the color of the background.

Synonymscover, covert, screen

Broader (hypernym)covering

Narrower (hyponym)blind, camouflage, shoji, stalking-horse

3. concealment (act) the activity of keeping something secret

Synonymsconcealing, hiding

Broader (hypernym)activity

Narrower (hyponym)burial, burying, camouflage, cover, cover, cover-up, covering, disguise, mask, masking, money laundering, screening, smoke screen, smokescreen, stealing, stealth

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