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English noun: detachment

1. detachment (feeling) avoiding emotional involvement


Broader (hypernym)indifference

2. detachment (act) the act of releasing from an attachment or connection


Broader (hypernym)separation

3. detachment (state) the state of being isolated or detached

SamplesThe insulation of England was preserved by the English Channel.

Synonymsinsularism, insularity, insulation

Broader (hypernym)isolation

4. detachment (group) a small unit of troops of special composition

Broader (hypernym)army unit

Narrower (hyponym)bodyguard, patrol, picket, press gang, provost guard, rearguard

Member holonymflanker

5. detachment (event) coming apart

Synonymsbreakup, separation

Broader (hypernym)alteration, change, modification

Narrower (hyponym)breach, break, break, falling out, rift, rupture, severance

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