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English noun: publisher

1. publisher (group) a firm in the publishing business

Synonymspublishing company, publishing firm, publishing house

Broader (hypernym)business firm, firm, house

Narrower (hyponym)magazine, magazine publisher, newspaper, newspaper publisher, paper

2. publisher (person) a person engaged in publishing periodicals or books or music

Broader (hypernym)professional, professional person

Instance hyponymAdolph Simon Ochs, Baedeker, Bartlett, Henry Luce, Henry Oscar Houghton, Henry Robinson Luce, Houghton, John Bartlett, Karl Baedeker, Keith Rupert Murdoch, Luce, Murdoch, Ochs, Rupert Murdoch

3. publisher (person) the proprietor of a newspaper

Synonymsnewspaper publisher

Broader (hypernym)owner, proprietor

Narrower (hyponym)press lord

Instance hyponym1st Baron Beaverbrook, Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, Beaverbrook, Benjamin Harris, Edward Wyllis Scripps, Harmsworth, Harris, Hearst, James Edmund Scripps, Joseph Pulitzer, Pulitzer, Scripps, Scripps, Viscount Northcliffe, William Maxwell Aitken, William Randolph Hearst

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