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English noun: berry

1. berry (food) any of numerous small and pulpy edible fruits; used as desserts or in making jams and jellies and preserves

Broader (hypernym)edible fruit

Narrower (hyponym)acerola, barbados cherry, bilberry, blackberry, blueberry, boxberry, boysenberry, checkerberry, cowberry, cranberry, currant, dewberry, European blueberry, hackberry, huckleberry, juneberry, lingonberry, loganberry, lowbush cranberry, mountain cranberry, mulberry, persimmon, raspberry, saskatoon, serviceberry, shadberry, spiceberry, strawberry, sugarberry, surinam cherry, teaberry, West Indian cherry, whortleberry, wintergreen

Part meronymberry

2. berry (plant) a small fruit having any of various structures, e.g., simple (grape or blueberry) or aggregate (blackberry or raspberry)

Broader (hypernym)fruit

Narrower (hyponym)bacca, baneberry, cranberry, simple fruit

Part holonymberry

3. Berry (person) United States rock singer (born in 1931)

SynonymsCharles Edward Berry, Chuck Berry

Instance hypernymrock star

English verb: berry

1. berry (contact) pick or gather berries

SamplesWe went berrying in the summer.

ExamplesIn the summer they like to go out and berry

Pattern of useSomebody ----s

Broader (hypernym)cull, pick, pluck

Narrower (hyponym)blackberry

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