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English noun: linear measure

1. linear measure (quantity) a unit of measurement of length

Synonymslinear unit

Broader (hypernym)unit, unit of measurement

Narrower (hyponym)440 yards, 880 yards, archine, astronomy unit, body length, cable, cable length, cable's length, chain, cicero, coss, cubit, digit, em, en, fathom, finger, finger's breadth, fingerbreadth, fistmele, foot, footer, ft, fthm, furlong, geometric pace, half mile, handbreadth, handsbreadth, head, in, inch, international mile, kos, land mile, lea, league, li, ligne, link, long measure, mesh, metric linear unit, mi, mil, mil, mile, mile, mile, miler, military pace, nail, nautical linear unit, nut, pace, palm, perch, pica, pica em, point, pole, quarter mile, rod, Roman mile, Roman pace, span, stat mi, statute mile, survey mile, Swedish mile, vara, verst, yard, yarder

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