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English adjective: public

1. public not private; open to or concerning the people as a whole

SamplesThe public good.
Public libraries.
Public funds.
Public parks.
A public scandal.
Public gardens.
Performers and members of royal families are public figures.

Similarin the public eye, national, open, semipublic, state-supported, unexclusive, unrestricted

See alsoexoteric, open, overt


2. public affecting the people or community as a whole

SamplesCommunity leaders.
Community interests.
The public welfare.


Antonymsindividual, single

English noun: public

1. public (group) people in general considered as a whole

SamplesHe is a hero in the eyes of the public.

Synonymspopulace, world

Broader (hypernym)people

Narrower (hyponym)admass

Member holonymaudience

2. public (group) a body of people sharing some common interest

SamplesThe reading public.

Broader (hypernym)body

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