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English noun: sandwich

1. sandwich (food) two (or more) slices of bread with a filling between them

Broader (hypernym)snack food

Narrower (hyponym)bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich, beefburger, BLT, bomber, burger, butty, chicken sandwich, club sandwich, Cuban sandwich, grinder, gyro, ham sandwich, hamburger, hero, hero sandwich, hoagie, hoagy, hot dog, hotdog, Italian sandwich, open sandwich, open-face sandwich, poor boy, red hot, Reuben, Sloppy Joe, sub, submarine, submarine sandwich, three-decker, torpedo, triple-decker, tunaburger, wedge, western, western sandwich, wrap, zep

Part holonymbread, breadstuff, staff of life

Part meronymmeal, repast

English verb: sandwich

1. sandwich (creation) make into a sandwich

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)devise, get up, machinate, organise, organize, prepare

2. sandwich (contact) insert or squeeze tightly between two people or objects

SamplesShe was sandwiched in her airplane seat between two fat men.

Pattern of useSomebody ----s somebody PP.
Somebody ----s something PP

Broader (hypernym)enter, infix, insert, introduce

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