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English adjective: ample

1. ample more than enough in size or scope or capacity

SamplesHad ample food for the party.
An ample supply.

Similarfull, full, generous, good, wide, wide-cut

See alsoabundant, sufficient

Attributeadequacy, sufficiency

Antonymsmeager, meagerly, meagre, scrimpy, stingy

2. ample affording an abundant supply

SamplesHad ample food for the party.
Copious provisions.
Food is plentiful.
A plenteous grape harvest.
A rich supply.

Synonymscopious, plenteous, plentiful, rich



3. ample fairly large

SamplesA sizable fortune.
An ample waistline.
Of ample proportions.

Synonymssizable, sizeable

Similarbig, large

Antonymslittle, small

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