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English noun: road

1. road (artifact) an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation


Broader (hypernym)way

Narrower (hyponym)access road, bypath, byroad, byway, cart track, cartroad, causeway, clearway, corduroy, crosscut, cutoff, detour, drive, drive, driveway, highway, line, main road, parkway, post road, private road, rail line, railway line, roadway, roundabout way, shortcut, side road, skid road, slip road, speedway, thoroughfare, track, turnoff

Part holonymbend, berm, carrefour, circle, crest, crossing, crossroad, crossway, crown, curve, intersection, roadbed, rotary, roundabout, shoulder, traffic circle, turnaround, turnout, widening

Substance holonympavement, paving

2. road (act) a way or means to achieve something

SamplesThe road to fame.

Broader (hypernym)agency, means, way

Narrower (hyponym)royal road

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