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English adjective: informal

1. informal not formal

SamplesConservative people unaccustomed to informal dress.
An informal free-and-easy manner.
An informal gathering of friends.

Similarcasual, casual, daily, everyday, folksy, free-and-easy, unceremonial, unceremonious

See alsoinformal

Attributeformality, formalness


2. informal not officially recognized or controlled

SamplesAn informal agreement.
A loose organization of the local farmers.




3. informal used of spoken and written language

Similarcolloquial, common, conversational, epistolary, epistolatory, nonliterary, slangy, subliterary, unliterary, vernacular, vulgar

See alsoinformal, unrhetorical

Attributeformality, formalness


4. informal having or fostering a warm or friendly and informal atmosphere

SamplesHad a cozy chat.
A relaxed informal manner.
An intimate cocktail lounge.
The small room was cozy and intimate.

Synonymscozy, intimate



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