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English noun: handicraft

1. handicraft (artifact) a work produced by hand labor

Synonymshandcraft, handiwork, handwork

Broader (hypernym)piece of work, work

2. handicraft (act) a craft that requires skillful hands

Broader (hypernym)arts and crafts, craft, trade

Narrower (hyponym)bookbinding, crocheting, knitting, lace making, needlecraft, needlework, sewing, spinning, stitching, tatting, weaving

Domain category membersbraid, brocade, cast off, cast on, crochet, crochet, damascene, double crochet, double stitch, enamel, fret, fringe, hatch, hook, inlay, intertwine, japan, knit, lace, lace, lacquer, marble, plait, purl, purl stitch, rib, shell stitch, single crochet, single stitch, tat, tissue, weave

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