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English noun: warmth

1. warmth (cognition) the sensation caused by heat energy


Broader (hypernym)temperature

2. warmth (feeling) a warmhearted feeling


Broader (hypernym)caring, lovingness

3. warmth (attribute) the quality of having a moderate degree of heat

SamplesAn agreeable warmth in the house.


Broader (hypernym)heat, high temperature, hotness

Narrower (hyponym)lukewarmness, tepidity, tepidness

4. warmth (attribute) the trait of being intensely emotional

Synonymsheat, passion

Broader (hypernym)emotionalism, emotionality

Narrower (hyponym)fieriness

5. warmth (attribute) a quality proceeding from feelings of affection or love

Synonymsaffectionateness, fondness, lovingness

Broader (hypernym)emotionalism, emotionality

Narrower (hyponym)tenderness, uxoriousness

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