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English noun: maker

1. maker (person) a person who makes things


Broader (hypernym)creator

Narrower (hyponym)author, basketmaker, basketweaver, beer maker, belt maker, bookmaker, brewer, candymaker, chandler, cobbler, confectioner, generator, glassmaker, hatmaker, hatter, horologer, horologist, ironworker, jeweler, jeweller, jewelry maker, maltman, maltster, manufacturer, milliner, modiste, needleworker, patternmaker, perfumer, piano maker, producer, saddler, sailmaker, shirtmaker, shoemaker, source, spinner, spinster, steelmaker, steelman, steelworker, tentmaker, thread maker, toolmaker, vintner, violin maker, watchmaker, wigmaker, wine maker, winemaker

Instance hyponymAdolphe Sax, Sax

2. Maker (person) terms referring to the Judeo-Christian God

SynonymsAlmighty, Creator, Divine, God Almighty, Godhead, Jehovah, Lord

Narrower (hyponym)Blessed Trinity, Holy Trinity, hypostasis, hypostasis of Christ, Sacred Trinity, Trinity

Instance hypernymGod, Supreme Being

3. maker (group) a business engaged in manufacturing some product

Synonymsmanufacturer, manufacturing business

Broader (hypernym)business, business concern, business organisation, business organization, concern

Narrower (hyponym)armorer, armourer, auto maker, auto manufacturer, automaker, bottler, car maker, car manufacturer, carmaker, computer business

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