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English noun: demesne

1. demesne (possession) extensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use

SamplesThe family owned a large estate on Long Island.

Synonymsacres, estate, land, landed estate

Broader (hypernym)immovable, real estate, real property, realty

Narrower (hyponym)barony, countryseat, Crown land, entail, feoff, fief, freehold, glebe, hacienda, homestead, leasehold, manor, plantation, seigneury, seigniory, signory, smallholding

2. demesne (location) territory over which rule or control is exercised

SamplesHis domain extended into Europe.
He made it the law of the land.

Synonymsdomain, land

Broader (hypernym)region

Narrower (hyponym)archduchy, barony, duchy, dukedom, earldom, emirate, empire, fiefdom, grand duchy, imperium, khanate, kingdom, princedom, principality, realm, sheikdom, sheikhdom, suzerainty, viscounty

Part meronymcountry, land, state

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