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English noun: attraction

1. attraction (phenomenon) the force by which one object attracts another

Synonymsattractive force

Broader (hypernym)force

Narrower (hyponym)affinity, bond, chemical bond, gravitation, gravitational attraction, gravitational force, gravity, magnetic attraction, magnetic force, magnetism, van der Waal's forces

Antonymsrepulsion, repulsive force

2. attraction (communication) an entertainment that is offered to the public

Broader (hypernym)show

Narrower (hyponym)counterattraction, travelog, travelogue

3. attraction (attribute) the quality of arousing interest; being attractive or something that attracts

SamplesHer personality held a strange attraction for him.


Broader (hypernym)quality

Narrower (hyponym)affinity, allure, allurement, binding, come-on, drawing power, enticement, fascination, lure, sexual attraction, show-stopper, showstopper, temptingness

4. attraction (cognition) a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts

SamplesFlowers are an attractor for bees.

Synonymsattracter, attractive feature, attractor, magnet

Broader (hypernym)characteristic, feature

Narrower (hyponym)attention, tourist attraction

5. attraction (person) an entertainer who attracts large audiences

SamplesHe was the biggest drawing card they had.

Synonymsattracter, attractor, draw, drawing card

Broader (hypernym)entertainer

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