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English adjective: overmuch

1. overmuch very great in quantity; overabundant

SamplesShowed overmuch affection.


Antonymsslight, little

English noun: overmuch

1. overmuch (attribute) a quantity that is more than what is appropriate

SamplesFour-year-olds have an overabundance of energy.
We received an inundation of email.

Synonymsoverabundance, overmuchness, superabundance

Broader (hypernym)abundance, copiousness, teemingness

Narrower (hyponym)bellyful, excess, glut, nimiety, oversupply, surfeit, surplus, surplusage

English adverb: overmuch

1. overmuch more than necessary

SamplesShe eats too much.
Let's not blame them overmuch.

Synonymstoo much

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