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English noun: printing

1. printing (communication) text handwritten in the style of printed matter

Broader (hypernym)writing

2. printing (act) the business of producing printed material for sale or distribution

Broader (hypernym)business, business enterprise, commercial enterprise

Narrower (hyponym)gravure, issue, publication

Domain categoryprinting, printing process

Domain category memberscase, compositor's case, justify, typesetter's case

3. printing (communication) reproduction by applying ink to paper as for publication

Synonymsprinting process

Broader (hypernym)writing

Narrower (hyponym)carbon process, composition, gravure, intaglio, intaglio printing, letterpress, offset, offset printing, planographic printing, planography, process printing, relief printing, typography

Domain category membersadscript, ascender, descender, hair space, impression, inferior, justified, kern, kern, leaded, live, printing, printing, proof, quad, serif, seriph, space, subscript, superior, superscript, test copy, trial impression, underlay, unleaded, white out, word processing

4. printing (communication) all the copies of a work printed at one time

SamplesThey ran off an initial printing of 2000 copies.


Broader (hypernym)publication

Narrower (hyponym)edition, mackle, proof, test copy, trial impression

Domain categoryprinting, printing process

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