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English noun: prickly ash

1. prickly ash (plant) any of a number of trees or shrubs of the genus Zanthoxylum having spiny branches

Broader (hypernym)tree

Narrower (hyponym)Hercules'-club, Hercules'-clubs, Hercules-club, sea ash, toothache tree, Zanthoxylum americanum, Zanthoxylum clava-herculis, Zanthoxylum fraxineum

Member meronymgenus Zanthoxylum, Zanthoxylum

2. prickly ash (plant) Australian tree having alternate simple leaves (when young they are pinnate with prickly toothed margins) and slender axillary spikes of white flowers

SynonymsOrites excelsa

Broader (hypernym)tree

Member meronymgenus Orites, Orites

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