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English adjective: adorned

1. adorned provided with something intended to increase its beauty or distinction


Similarbeady, bedaubed, bespectacled, brocaded, buttony, carbuncled, champleve, clinquant, cloisonne, crested, crested, crested, crocketed, embossed, feathered, feathery, frilled, frilly, fringed, gemmed, gilt-edged, inflamed, inlaid, inwrought, jeweled, jewelled, monocled, mounted, paneled, plumed, plumy, raised, ruffled, sequined, spangled, spangly, spectacled, studded, tapestried, tasseled, tasselled, tessellated, tinseled, tinselly, topknotted, tricked-out, tufted, tufted, wainscoted

See alsoclad, clothed, fancy

Antonymsunadorned, undecorated

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