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English noun: Polska

1. Polska (location) a republic in central Europe; the invasion of Poland by Germany in 1939 started World War II

SynonymsPoland, Republic of Poland

Instance hypernymEuropean country, European nation

Part holonymAuschwitz, Breslau, Bromberg, Bydgoszcz, capital of Poland, Carpathian Mountains, Carpathians, Cracow, Czestochowa, Danzig, Gdansk, Katowice, Krakau, Krakow, Lodz, Lublin, Oder, Oder River, Preussen, Prussia, Vistula, Vistula River, Warsaw, Warszawa, Wroclaw, Zabrze

Part meronymEurope

Member holonymPole

Domain region membersbattle of Tannenberg, Tannenberg

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