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English noun: currency

1. currency (possession) the metal or paper medium of exchange that is presently used

Broader (hypernym)medium of exchange, monetary system

Narrower (hyponym)cash, coinage, Eurocurrency, folding money, hard cash, hard currency, hard currency, metal money, mintage, money, paper currency, paper money, specie

2. currency (attribute) general acceptance or use

SamplesThe currency of ideas.

Broader (hypernym)prevalence

3. currency (attribute) the property of belonging to the present time

SamplesThe currency of a slang term.

Synonymscurrentness, up-to-dateness

Broader (hypernym)nowness, presentness

Narrower (hyponym)contemporaneity, contemporaneousness, modernism, modernity, modernness

Attributecurrent, noncurrent

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