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English noun: intention

1. intention (cognition) an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions

SamplesHis intent was to provide a new translation.
Good intentions are not enough.
It was created with the conscious aim of answering immediate needs.
He made no secret of his designs.

Synonymsaim, design, intent, purpose

Broader (hypernym)end, goal

Narrower (hyponym)cross-purpose, final cause, idea, mind, sake, view, will

2. intention (cognition) (usually plural) the goal with respect to a marriage proposal

SamplesHis intentions are entirely honorable.

Broader (hypernym)end, goal

Domain usageplural, plural form

3. intention (act) an act of intending; a volition that you intend to carry out

SamplesMy intention changed once I saw her.

Broader (hypernym)volition, willing

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