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English adjective: wandering

1. wandering migratory

SamplesA restless mobile society.
The nomadic habits of the Bedouins.
Believed the profession of a peregrine typist would have a happy future.
Wandering tribes.

Synonymsmobile, nomadic, peregrine, roving



2. wandering of a path e.g.

SamplesMeandering streams.
Rambling forest paths.
The river followed its wandering course.
A winding country road.

Synonymsmeandering, rambling, winding



3. wandering having no fixed course

SamplesAn erratic comet.
His life followed a wandering course.
A planetary vagabond.

Synonymserratic, planetary



English noun: wandering

1. wandering (act) travelling about without any clear destination

SamplesShe followed him in his wanderings and looked after him.

Synonymsroving, vagabondage

Broader (hypernym)travel, traveling, travelling

Narrower (hyponym)drifting

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