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English adjective: bacchanal

1. bacchanal used of riotously drunken merrymaking

SamplesA night of bacchanalian revelry.
Carousing bands of drunken soldiers.
Orgiastic festivity.

Synonymsbacchanalian, bacchic, carousing, orgiastic

Similardrunk, inebriated, intoxicated


English noun: bacchanal

1. bacchanal (person) someone who engages in drinking bouts

Synonymsbacchant, drunken reveler, drunken reveller

Broader (hypernym)drinker, imbiber, juicer, toper

2. bacchanal (person) a drunken reveller; a devotee of Bacchus


Broader (hypernym)buff, devotee, fan, lover

3. bacchanal (act) a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

Synonymsbacchanalia, debauch, debauchery, drunken revelry, orgy, riot, saturnalia

Broader (hypernym)revel, revelry

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