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English adjective: choice

1. choice of superior grade

SamplesChoice wines.
Prime beef.
Prize carnations.
Quality paper.
Select peaches.

Synonymsprime, prize, quality, select



2. choice appealing to refined taste

SamplesChoice wine.



English noun: choice

1. choice (cognition) the person or thing chosen or selected

SamplesHe was my pick for mayor.

Synonymspick, selection

Broader (hypernym)deciding, decision making

Narrower (hyponym)favorite, favourite, pleasure, way

2. choice (act) the act of choosing or selecting

SamplesYour choice of colors was unfortunate.
You can take your pick.

Synonymsoption, pick, selection

Broader (hypernym)action

Narrower (hyponym)ballot, balloting, casting, coloration, colouration, conclusion, decision, determination, election, sampling, volition, vote, voting, willing

3. choice (cognition) one of a number of things from which only one can be chosen

SamplesWhat option did I have?.
There no other alternative.
My only choice is to refuse.

Synonymsalternative, option

Broader (hypernym)deciding, decision making

Narrower (hyponym)default, default option, druthers, Hobson's choice, impossibility, impossible action, obverse, opening, possibility, possible action, preference, soft option

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