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English noun: Transfiguration

1. Transfiguration (time) (Christianity) a church festival held in commemoration of the Transfiguration of Jesus

SynonymsAugust 6, Transfiguration Day

Broader (hypernym)Christian holy day

Domain categoryChristian religion, Christianity

2. Transfiguration (event) (New Testament) the sudden emanation of radiance from the person of Jesus

SynonymsTransfiguration of Jesus

Broader (hypernym)miracle

Domain categoryNew Testament

3. transfiguration (act) a striking change in appearance or character or circumstances

SamplesThe metamorphosis of the old house into something new and exciting.


Broader (hypernym)alteration, revision

4. transfiguration (act) the act of transforming so as to exalt or glorify

Broader (hypernym)transformation, translation

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